Pallet wrapper Buying Guide & Costs

Below are basic questions to ask when choosing a pallet wrapper including the cost of our pallet wrappers. 

  1. How many pallet loads are you wrapping per day?
  2. How heavy is the product you are wrapping?
  3. How tall is the product you are wrapping and what are the overall dimensions?
  4. Do you want to optimize your film usage? - Power pre-stretch carriages reduce film needed per pallet and reduces your packaging costs by up to 40%. 
  5. Do you need a pallet wrapper with a scale? - Most of our stretch wrappers can be installed with scales
  6. Will you be loading with fork trucks or with pallet jacks that require a ramp to load?
  7. Are you limited on space and need to load with manual equipment? -Our 1200UL Ultra Low  doesn't require long ramps to be loaded so it save you a lot of space!

Below is a menu of our semi automatic machines and a brief description of their best suited applications:

ROI Sheet

Model Lineup Guide

SWM-SA-0600: List Cost $5000

  • Entry level semi-automatic machine
  • Rated for up to 35 pallets per day
  • Basic controls
  • Who's it for? This machine is intended for low to moderate use. Perfect for a small operation who currently hand wraps.


SWM-SA-0800: List Cost $5800

  • Mid level semi-automatic machine
  • Rated for up to 100 pallets per day
  • Upgraded controls with customized wrap cycles 
  • Electronic film tensioner
  • Who's it for? This model covers a wide range of entry to mid-level operations. Best value choice for our entry to mid-level options. The only thing to consider is the 850PS if you want to use 40% less film.


SWM-SA-0850PS: List Cost $8200

  • Mid level to higher level semi-atuomatic machine
  • Rated for up to 100 pallets per day
  • Power stretch carraige reduces film usage by 40% 
  • Same controls as the 800 with the added film efficiency.
  • Who's it for? The model 850PS is suitable for many applications. It falls right in the middle of our offering and has the high efficiency film carriage. If you want a reliable machine with pre-stretch this is a great choice. 


SWM-SA-1100AC: List Cost $10500

  • Heavy duty level semi-automatic machine, rugged build for tough environments
  • Rated for up to 300 loads per day
  • Power stretch carriage reduces film usage by 40%
  • Powerful controls with  many parameters to customize the wrap cycle.
  • Automatic film cutting system
  • Who's it for? This is our most rugged model for the tough environments. The controls can be adjusted to suit nearly any application requirement. This model also has the most optional add ons.  


SWM-SA-1200UL: List Cost $12500

  • Rated for 200 loads per day
  • Power stretch carriage reduces film usage by 40%
  • Powerful controls with many parameters to customize the wrap cycle
  • The ring ramp allows you to load and unload with nearly any material handling equipment, electric walkies, hand pallet jacks, stackers, you name it!
  • Who's it for? This machine has the same robust controls as the 1100AC but the added ultra low profile frame with ring ramp allows you to use a variety of equipment to quickly and safely load the pallets to be wrapped. 


Other types of machines to consider:

Automatic Stretch Wrap Machines - This model allows you to control the machine via a remote control, you don't have to get off your forklift for any part of the wrap cycle. This improves your efficiency and overall throughput. The machine will automatically attach, hot seal, and cut the film.

Rotating Arm Stretch Wrappers - Ideal for extremely heavy or light and unsteady loads as the pallet is stationary. They also tend to wrap faster than turntable styles

Mobile Robot Wrappers - Niche machine with their best attribute being that it can wrap very long or heavy pallets and can be stowed away when not in use.