V-Nose Guard Applications

When trying to protect your pallet rack uprights there are many variables that determine the type of protection you need. One variable to consider is beam placement on the first level of racking. Most commonly, the bottom bay is open with the first beam installed above the pallets that are placed on the floor. In this scenario, there is plenty of clearance for a 12, 18, or 24-inch-high post protector. https://handleitinc.com/products/pallet-rack-upright-protector

Some circumstances require a beam to be installed about 5 inches above floor level. In those cases, a 12-inch-high post protector will hit that first beam and encroach into the aisle, so it can’t be used. A perfect solution for this is a 4’’high V-Nose Guard. This will protect the bottom of the upright from being hit by outriggers from counterbalance reach trucks and other traffic. https://handleitinc.com/products/v-nose-guard-post-protector