Pallet Wrappers for Food Banks

During the Covid-19 crisis, a growing number of food banks are relying on Handle IT pallet wrapping equipment to handle the increased demands to serve their communities. All the additional funds they have received to purchase more food, organize it in their warehouses and have it ready for distribution has resulted in food banks needing fast and reliable pallet wrappers to store and move product.

Many of the food banks prefer our Model 800 Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrap machine that can handle 100 maximum average loads per day, 4,400 lb load weight capacity, and an integrated control board you can customize up to 18 wrap programs.

We thank the below food banks for their absolute resolve to provide food to their communities and we are proud they have come to us for their pallet wrapping equipment needs.

  • Feeding America, WI
  • Baton Rouge Food Bank, LA
  • Northern Illinois Food Bank, IL
  • Southeast Missouri Food Bank, MO
  • Kansas Food Bank, KS
  • Greater Lansing Food Bank, MI

If your food bank would like to learn more about how to improve your pallet wrapping process, give us a call at 800.236.1080 or Contact Us.

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