Mobile robotic pallet wrappers: Flexibility in your wrapping process

Mobile pallet wrappers offer flexibility over their stationary machine counterparts. There are certain applications that the mobile wrapper shines. Below are some of the reasons to choose a robot pallet wrapper over a traditional turntable or rotary arm unit. 

Mobility: Of course mobility is a key feature of this type of machine. In what situations does this attribute make the most impact? If you aren't able to dedicate floor space you can deploy the machine and wrap, then when finished store it out of the way. Often forklift drivers will lay out the pallets around the dock doors and an operator will wrap the pallets that are laid out for him. Once the wrapping is done they put the machine away. Another common application is being able to drive to different areas and wrap finished pallets before they are moved out to the loading docks. 

Oversize pallets: Another advantage is the ability to wrap oversize pallets. Stationary units have pallet size limitations. With the mobile pallet wrapper you no longer need to settle for time consuming and less effective hand wrapping. You gain the benefits of film efficiency and a professional wrap that will protect your products from lost or damage. 

Heavy or unstable pallets: The mobile pallet wrapper is also a great choice if you have very heavy or unstable pallet loads. The pallets are stationary so you don't have to worry about product toppling over or weight capacities. 

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